The Katyn Oak Alley

It is a special place in Sokolow Podlaski. The alley is located in the prairie of the concathedral parish of the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Sokolow Podlaski at Square of the Blessed Virgin Mary Street.

Aleja Dębów KatyńskichIt was established due to the initiative of the Organisation Committee within the national program: “Katyn … save from oblivion,” and is one of the largest in Poland. The alley commemorates 40 reserve officers on active duty and the police officers associated with Sokolow Land, murdered during April – May 1940 in the Soviet Union, in Katyn, Tver and Kharkov.

In the years 2010 – 2011 33 Memorial Oaks were planted and special plaques with the relevant information for each of them were posted on each oach. The additional tree is for 7 people associated with the district of Sokolow, who were honoured with the oaks in other parts of Poland. Two separate oaks devoted to the Polish President Lech Kaczynski and his wife Maria, who died on 10th April, 2010, when they were flying to Smolensk to honour the murdered Polish people.

In Sokolow Podlaski the following officers of the State Police and the Polish Army (degrees provided by posthumous promotion) were commemorated:

Babecki Jan

aspirant Jan Babecki

Bala Kazimierz

police commissioner Kazimierz Bala

Banaszek Jan

aspirant Jan Banaszek

Bańkowski Stefan

aspirant Stefan Bankowski

Cholewicki Stanisław

major Stanislaw Cholewicki

Cynkutis Edward

lieutenant Edward Cynkutis

Deoniziak Jan

aspirant Jan Deoniziak

Frelek Kazimierz

aspirant Kazimierz Frelek

Górski Kazimierz

aspirant Kazimierz Gorski

Górski Marian

lieutenant Marian Gorski

Grabowski Henryk

major Henryk Grabowski

Grabowski Konstanty

lieutenant Konstanty Grabowski

Hajduk Stefan

captain Stefan Hajduk

aspirant Franciszek Jaworowski

Kamienczyk Franciszek

aspirant Franciszek Kamienczyk

Karczewski Jan

aspirant Jan Karczewski

Kazimierski Ludwik

senior police commissioner Ludwik Kazimierski

Kruziewicz Wacław

senior police commissioner Waclaw Kruziewicz

Kuchta Jakub

aspirant Jakub Kuchta

Kuźma Jan

captain Jan Kuzma

Łętkowski Aleksander

major Aleksander Letkowski

Majewski Franciszek

captain Franciszek Majewski

Makać Józef

captain Jozef Makac

Malinowski Mikołaj

lieutenant Mikolaj Malinowski

Malinowski Władysław

lieutenant Wladyslaw Malinowski

Nartowski Henryk

junior coloner Henryk Aleksander Nartowski

Podolak Jan

aspirant Jan Podolak

Postolka Tomasz

lieutenant Tomasz Postolko vel Postolka

Skibniewski Bronisław

captain Bronisław Lucjan Skibniewski

Swinarski Czesław

senior commissioner Czesław Antoni Swinarski

Włoga Stanislaw

major Stanisław Wloga

Wyganowski Stanisław

colonel Stanislaw Wyganowski

Wyrozębski Mieczysław

colonel Mieczyslaw Wyrozebski


captain Jan Karol Musial, lieutenant Jozef Nestorowicz, aspirant Hipolit Opallo, captain Eugeniusz Wojczal, lieutenant Tadeusz Antoni Wichtowski, captain Jan Pietrzykowski

The common oak is to mention senior guard of the Border Guard – Karol Ruszczak, prosoner in Kozielsk, who died on inhuman land.

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