The war graves at cemeteries in Sokolow Podlaski

Groby wojenne na sokołowskich cmentarzachIn the cemetery at Bartoszowa Street it is worth to see the common grave of Wladyslaw Prawecki (the first commander of the Sokolow District of SZP-ZWZ), Jan Pietrak, Tadeusz Wojcik, Janusz Frankowski, Franciszek Dyrdula and Stefan Solicki, murdered by the Germans on 17th February, 1943.

The Polish soldiers killed in Sokolow on 7th September, 1939, during the German air raid were also commemorated (the large plaque with information). In the cemetery at Chopin Street  lieutenant Jerzy Oledzki, “Rawicz” lies – the officer killed on 31st October, 1943, in the structures of the NA, “Sep – Proso”, the manager of the secret service.

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