The monument of the Soldiers of the Home Army and post-national army structures of the “Lake” district and the residents of Sokolow county killed and murdered in the years 1944-1953

Pomnik Żołnierzy AKThe monument of the Home Army soldiers is unique in terms of expression and the form of space in the Square of the Blessed Virgin Mary, at the church. It was unveiled on 30th September 2007, and built due to the efforts of the Foundation “We remember”.

A high cross surrounded by rocks with the names of more than 160 killed and murdered. On the cross peaked hat with an eagle with a crown hangs. On the horizontal arm of the cross there is gorget with the image of Our Lady of Ostra Brama, referring to the name and tradition of the 6th Wilno Brigade of the National Army, fighting against the regime in these areas under the command of captain Wladyslaw Lukasiuk, “Mlot”, and captain Kazimierz Kamienski, “Huzar”.

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