Monuments of nature


Erratic granite of circumference of 570 cm, height 145 cm, at the main entrance to the District Hospital,  Pilsudski Street

Oak, circumference – 282 cm, height 23 m, growing at Fr.  Bosko 6 Street

Elm, circumference – 350 cm, growing at Bulwar Street, adjacent to the existing Mazur pond, behind the monument of the national memorial, the area of the Polish Scouting Association in Sokolow Podlaski

27 natural monuments in the complex of the Palace – Park “Przezdziatka” with a significant number of old trees

Vegetation within the city involves valuable plantings, which are not natural monuments:

  • Sugar Maple – Acer saccharinum and birch – Betula verrucosa, growing along Wolnosci Street, on the section from the  Kosciolek River to the District Police Headquarters;
  • Trees in the complex of the Palace – Park “Przezdziatka”;
  • Communities of trees and bushes, phytosociological similar to alder, growing along the Kosciolek River, from the spring up to Olszowa Street, and then from Kosowska Street to the city limits.

It can be assumed that these are the last natural plants on in the city.

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